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Painting for the

21st century

Apply. Measure. Cut.

One simple application.


The moment you use the AccuTaper, you know you've never seen anything like it. With a single press, the AccuTaper will cut your masking tape to fit perfectly into the corner, letting you paint faster and better than ever before. Explore how this innovative tool will forever change how you paint.

Brilliantly simple

How it works

A = B

The AccuTaper finds and tracks any straight edge by using a tapered roller which guides the tape to the edge.

Molded in-frame spacer butts into a corner and spaces the tape and cutter by a distance A.

Integrated scissors cut the tape squarely at a length B.  The scissors, roller and spacer are all carefully placed so that A = B to fit tape exactly into the corner.

The AccuTaper measuring and cutting system in action.

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The AccuTaper is designed to be easy enough for beginners to use. Cut tape cleanly with a simple push of a finger.


Carrying a separate tool to cut masking tape is a thing of the past. Now you can measure and cut tape to fit exactly into an inside corner. 


Simply place the roll of tape on a flat surface and push the AccuTaper into the tape so it's flush against the surface.


AccuTaper's all-in-one design combines 3 separate tools and is the first tape applicator to apply, measure and cut masking tape.


Can be used with standard masking tape in any width up to 2". Tan, blue, green...the AccuTaper works with them all.


Why tape?

Tape is a great way to get crisp clean lines along all your edges. Unless you're a professional, you will have difficulty controlling a brush all day.

Taping is simply faster for non-professionals. It can easily take 4 hours or more to brush in the edges in an average size living room. With the AccuTaper you can tape that same room in less than an hour. And rolling up to the tape is a breeze, so no brushes needed.

Tape is fantastic if you're not sure about the paint color. Leave the tape on until you're sure you love the color and if you don't, you can quickly repaint with a different one.

Taping is far cleaner than brushing the edges. The old joke about painting was you dip a brush in paint, hold it carefully up to an edge, dodge the dripping paint, paint a few inches, repeat a few hundred times...take a bath. With the AccuTaper, taping is clean, fast and easy.

Be sure to check out our Tips page for advice on how to get the most out of your taping job.

Smart features

Durable impact resistant frame

Integrated scissors to cut tape square

Tapered roller to keep tape tracking the edge

Molded spacer to measure tape

Ergonomic grip for secure handling

Next generation painting

The last major innovation in painting happened way back in 1955 with the advent of masking tape and not much has improved since. We think it's time to bring painting into the 21st century.


Life is short so why waste time doing things the same old tedious way? The AccuTaper will let you get back to doing what you love.

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