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Here at AccuTaper we take great pride in showing people how to get great painting results. By following these tips you will be well on your way to an amazing paint job.

Taping Tips

Clean trim before taping

Use a damp cloth to wipe all the dust off of baseboards, door frames, and window frames so the tape can stick completely.

Press tape edge down firmly

Run a fingernail down the tape edge to firmly stick it to the surface.

Caulk tape edges

To ensure perfect edges, run a bead of latex painters caulk along the tape edge to completely seal it and prevent paint bleed. Especially on rough edges and corners.

Use 1.5 inch masking tape

1.5 inch tape is the perfect width to protect the trim from paint drips and roller spray. It's also wide enough to use a mini roller to roll up next to the tape. Half inch tape is too narrow for this and 2 inch tape is needlessly wide and expensive.

Prevent paint peeling with tape

In some older homes, there is often the risk of paint peeling off with the tape because at some point someone has painted a latex paint over an oil paint and when you go to remove the tape it will peel the top paint off. Use a light tack tape to minimize this problem.

Painting Tips

Paint trim first

If you're painting the trim as well as the walls, paint the trim first. Don't worry about getting paint on the walls. After the paint dries, you can tape the trim and paint the walls.

Use a mini roller instead of a brush

Instead of crawling around the floor, or climbing a ladder, use a mini roller on a pole to paint along the taped edges. The mini roller will hold a lot more paint than a brush and it won't drip all over you if you use a pole.

Ditch the tray

One of the biggest sources of paint spills is a paint tray. The shallow walls make it easy to step on and easy to spill if it's full of paint. A much better option is a 5-gallon bucket and a paint screen. It can hold way more paint than a paint tray and you can move it around safely.

Use a pole

Always use a pole with a roller. It is much faster and will save you a lot of bending down and ladder work. Your knees and back will thank you.

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